Cadet Leadership and Education Program Center

Cadet Leadership and Education Program

Capacity: 40
Custody Level: Medium Security
Offender Profile: Boys, public or youthful offenders
Age Range: 14-17

The Cadet Leadership and Education Program (CLEP) stands as an evolved form of boot camp, as it combines traditional military drilling and regimen with intensive therapeutic services and supported transition back to the community.

CLEP serves adjudicated male delinquents, ages 14-17. Youth participate in the program for a minimum of eight months -- four months of residential treatment and four months of supervised community placement. Ten youth and one youth counselor, as well as several youth workers, are assigned to each platoon. The youth counselor, along with facility youth workers, provides services to youth during both the residential and community phases of the program -- thus allowing for continuity of treatment.

Program Goals:

  • To promote discipline through physical conditioning and teamwork
  • To instill values of responsibility and a healthy work ethic
  • To increase academic achievement
  • To encourage participants to become productive, law-abiding citizens
  • To ensure that offenders are held accountable for their actions
  • To eliminate drug and alcohol involvement