Day Treatment

Day Treatment Program

The Department of Juvenile Justice has 26 Day Treatment Programs that provide a comprehensive array of community-based services for eligible youth:

  • To prevent further involvement with the juvenile justice system
  • To prevent placement out of the community, and
  • To integrate the youth back into the community after residential placement.

Program participants are required to participate in individual, group and family counseling. Further, youth are provided with a normal classroom schedule and highly individualized instruction.

Male and female juvenile offenders, ages 12 to 17, are eligible for admission to day treatment programs. Priority is given to youth transitioning from juvenile justice programs and/or facilities, youth at risk of out-of-home placement and youth with serious behavior issues in the school or community.

To carry out this mission, day treatment programs provide specialized services designed to meet the individual needs of each youth and his/her family. Programs utilize an effective balance of treatment, education and graduated sanctions to redirect troubled youth.​