Funding Opportunities

The Grants Branch administers the various state, federal and private grant programs including the Title II Formula grant program, Title I Subpart D, Smart of Juvenile Justice, PREA, and any additional grant programs that may come available.  These funds are disbursed to nonprofit organizations, school districts, universities and local units of government through a competitive bidding process.  The Grants Branch also oversees any grant funds received by the Department, as well as partnerships with other agencies on grant projects. The Grants Branch provides programmatic and financial oversight to all grant programs, following the guidelines as set forth in the USDOJ Financial Guide and established guidelines set by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Grants 101, United States​​ Department of Justice

The Office of Justice Programs, USDOJ, maintains a Grants 101 webpage to help grantees with application tips and navigating the process of applying for one of their highly competitive grants.

Office of Justice - Grants 101

How Applicants Find and Manage Grants

The Maryland Governor's Grants Office recently conducted a constituent survey about grant-seeking and grant-management activity. 289 people responded to the survey. 36.6% were from non-profit organizations, 22.8% local governments, 17.6% state agencies, 13.4% higher education, and 8.9% individuals responding for themselves.

Survey Details


Grant Funding Announcements

NOFA-DMC 2018 (002).pdfNOFA-DMC 2018 (002).pdf - Released June 8, 2018
Title II NOFA Announcement -2018.pdfTitle II NOFA Announcement -2018.pdf - Released June 8, 2018


 Title II Application - 2018-2019.docxTitle II Application - 2018-2019.docx

 2018 DMC Application.docx2018 DMC Application.docx

Staff Directory

Jennifer Withrow, Branch Manager

Elizabeth Jenkins, DMC Coordinator

Laura McCauley, Juvenile Justice Specialist

Sara Redfield, Compliance Monitor

Tara Burch, Grants Administrator



Policy and Procedures Manual

This document is currently under editing and will be posted upon completion.​​