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Policy Manual

400-600 Series

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Front End
DJJ 405.4 Suicide Prevention InterventionDownload File
DJJ 405.3 Referral for Behavioral Health ServiceDownload File
DJJ 405.2 Forced Psychotropic MedicationDownload File
DJJ 405.1 Behvioral Health Assessment EvaluationDownload File
DJJ 405 Behavioral Health Services Administration and PersonnelDownload File
DJJ 404.7 First Aid and First Aid KitsDownload File
DJJ 404.8 Hospital CareDownload File
DJJ 404.6 Emergency Medical ServicesDownload File
DJJ 404.5 Access to Diagnostic ServicesDownload File
400 Series Combined 10052018Download File

500 Series
500 Series CombinedDownload File
DJJ 506 Training Academy OperationsDownload File
DJJ 505 Training RequirementsDownload File
DJJ 504 Registration Record Outside Training and RequestDownload File
DJJ 503 In-Service TrainingDownload File
DJJ 502 Pre-Service TrainingDownload File
DJJ 502.1 Field Training Instructor ProgramDownload File
DJJ 500 DefinitionsDownload File
DJJ 501 Training and Staff DevelopmentDownload File
DJJ 500 A Table of ContentsDownload File

600 Series
DJJ 623 Health and Safety for Community and Mental Health ServicesDownload File
DJJ 622 Community Mental Health OperationsDownload File
DJJ 621 Mental Health Services, Referrals, and Psychiatric HospitalizationsDownload File
DJJ 618 AWOL or EscapeDownload File
DJJ 620 Use of Self-Protection SkillsDownload File
DJJ 616.2 Parole of Youthful OffendersDownload File
DJJ 617 Incident ReportsDownload File
DJJ 616.1 Probation of Youthful OffendersDownload File
DJJ 616 Youthful Offenders SentencedDownload File
DJJ 615 JISTDownload File