Deputy Commissioners

Deputy Miranda Denney

After 23 years of working with the juvenile population, Miranda Denney was named the Deputy Commissioner for the Division of Community and Mental Health Services in July 2014. The division serves statewide and is comprised of a Director, four Regional Managers, two Regional Psychologists, 20 District Supervisors, three Children's Benefits workers, and over 200 front-line juvenile service workers, mental health clinicians, and support staff. 

Ms. Denney has a Master's in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor's in Corrections and Juvenile Services from Eastern Kentucky University. 

Deputy Yvonne Board

Yvonne Board received her Deputy Commissioner of Administrative Services appointment in 2016. Currently, her duties include oversight of Human Resources, State and Federal Grants, and Administrative Services. She previously served as the Chief of Staff for the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet Secretary, John Tilley, where she managed daily operations and was a liaison to all of the commissioners and directors within the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet.


Ms. Board brings over two decades of sales, administrative, and leadership experience to her position as a Deputy Commissioner.

Deputy Kris Mann 

Prior to his 2018 appointment as the Deputy Commissioner of Program Services, Kris Mann was serving as the East Region Division Director where he was overseeing the operations of all East region programs. Mr. Mann began his career with the Department of Juvenile Justice in July 2001 as a Youth Worker at eh Cadet Leadership and Education Program in Jackson, Kentucky. He became a counselor in the program before being promoted into the Juvenile Facility Superintendent role at Morehead Youth Development Center where he would become the acting Superintendent in 2006. In 2012, he was promoted into the Acting Facilities Regional Administrator Role, and one year later was offered the position to serve as the East Region Division Director. 


Mr. Mann is a 2001 graduate of Alice Llyod College where he earned his Bachelor's in Business Administration and a 2003 graduate of Eastern Kentucky University's Juvenile Justice Studies Master's program.

Special Assistant Raymond F. DeBolt

Prior to re-joining the Department of Juvenile Justice in 2016, Debolt served eight years with the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission. He worked as a Senior Staff Analyst for the House and Senate Judiciary Committees. His duties involved researching policy, advising legislators, drafting legislation, and working with public agencies. Mr. Deboly also previously served as general counsel for the Department of Juvenile Justice from 1997-2004. He has also held various positions with the Office of the Attorney General and the Office of the Fayette County Attorney. He began his career in criminal justice as a police officer with the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Division of Police. 


Mr. Debolt holds a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Indiana University and a Master's degree in Public Affairs from Kentucky State University. Additionally, Debolt holds a Juris Doctorate from Salmon P. Chase College of Law. ​