Deputy Commissioners

Deputy Miranda Denney​

After 23 years of working with the juvenile population, Miranda Denney was named the Deputy Commissioner for the Division of Community and Mental Health Services in July 2014. The division serves statewide and is comprised of a Director, four Regional Managers, two Regional Psychologists, 20 District Supervisors, three Children's Benefits workers, and over 200 front-line juvenile service workers, mental health clinicians, and support staff. 

Ms. Denney has a Master's in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor's in Corrections and Juvenile Services from Eastern Kentucky University. 

Deputy Kris Mann 

Before his 2018 appointment as the Deputy Commissioner of Program Services, Kris Mann was serving as the East Region Division Director where he was overseeing the operations of all East region programs. Mr. Mann began his career with the Department of Juvenile Justice in July 2001 as a Youth Worker at eh Cadet Leadership and Education Program in Jackson, Kentucky. He became a counselor in the program before being promoted into the Juvenile Facility Superintendent role at Morehead Youth Development Center where he would become the acting Superintendent in 2006. In 2012, he was promoted into the Acting Facilities Regional Administrator Role, and one year later was offered the position to serve as the East Region Division Director. 

Mr. Mann is a 2001 graduate of Alice Lloyd College where he earned his Bachelor's in Business Administration and a 2003 graduate of Eastern Kentucky University's Juvenile Justice Studies Master's program.

Deputy Stacy Woodrum 

With nearly 17 years of state government management experience, Deputy Woodrum was appointed to the Department of Juvenile Justice in November 2018. Prior to working with the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, she served in positions with Public Health, Veterans Affairs, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, the Department of Aging and Independent Living, and the Kentucky State Police. In addition to her new role as Deputy Commissioner with the Department, Mrs. Woodrum serves as the Budget Director for the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet. Deputy Woodrum has experience working in the private sector where she served as a paralegal for a small law firm. She also worked as a Governmental Affairs Agent in Washington, D.C. where she also served as the Executive Director for two health care associations. 

Deputy Woodrum holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology/Criminology with a minor in English from Eastern Kentucky University, as well as a Juris Doctorate from the University of Louisville. She resides in Somerset, KY with her husband who is a Kentucky State Trooper and her six-year-old daughter.