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Policy Manual

100-300 Series

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100 Series
DJJ 150 Video SurveillanceDownload File
DJJ 149 Information SystemsDownload File
DJJ 144 Potential Data Breaches or Personally Identifiable InformationDownload File
DJJ 147 Death of a YouthDownload File
DJJ 145 Quality Assurance Monitoring ProgramDownload File
DJJ 143 Confidential Information and Documentation for the Social Security AdministrationDownload File
DJJ 142 Staff Involved in Special Incident AllegationsDownload File
DJJ 140 Reporting of Special Incidents 9182014 CleanDownload File
DJJ 138 DNA SamplingDownload File
DJJ 135 Foster CareDownload File

200 Series
DJJ 217 Advanced Care UnitDownload File
DJJ 214 Interstate Revocations and Case ClosureDownload File
DJJ 213 Interstate TravelDownload File
DJJ 210 Interestate ReferralsDownload File
DJJ 211 Interstate Runaways, Escapees, and AbscondersDownload File
DJJ 212 Interstate Purchase Of CareDownload File
DJJ 209 Youth Access to Outside Investigative AgenciesDownload File
Classification and Placement Manual 040519Download File
DJJ 200 Definitions 040519Download File
DJJ 201 Classification 040519Download File

Front End
DJJ 307 Counseling Services 040519Download File
DJJ 309 Family Engagement 040519Download File
DJJ 310 Family and Community Contacts Mail Telephon and Visitation 040519Download File
DJJ 314 Youth Council 040519Download File
DJJ 315 Use of Non-Governmental Funds and Youth Activity Funds Account 040519Download File
DJJ 316 Youth Allowances and Work Details 040519Download File
DJJ 317 Recreation 040519Download File
DJJ 318 Behavior Management 040519Download File
DJJ 319 Staff Requirements for the Supervision of Youth 040519Download File
DJJ 319-1 Facility Capacities 040519Download File