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Policy Manual

400-600 Series


400 Series
DJJ 416 HIV AIDS STIDownload File
DJJ 416.1 Infection Communicable DiseaseDownload File
DJJ 424 Emergency PlansDownload File
DJJ 424.1 Emergency Plans for Central OfficeDownload File
DJJ 426 Dietary ServicesDownload File
DJJ 427 MaintenanceDownload File
DJJ 427.1 Control and Use of Tools and SharpsDownload File
DJJ 428 Control and Accountability of Flammable, Toxic CausticDownload File
DJJ 428.1 Control of Hazardous Materials in Central OfficeDownload File
DJJ 430 Pets and Domestic AnimalsDownload File
500 Series
DJJ 505 Training Requirements 100119Download File
500 Table of Contents.pdfDownload File
DJJ 506 Training Academy Operations 100119Download File
DJJ 504 Registration-Record-Outside Training Request 100119Download File
DJJ 503 In-Service Training 100119Download File
DJJ 501 Training and Staff Development 100119Download File
DJJ 502 Pre-Service Training 100119Download File
DJJ 502.1 Field Training Instructor Program 100119Download File
DJJ 500 Definitions 100119Download File
600 Series
DJJ 611 Electronic MonitoringDownload File
DJJ 612 Authorized Leave for Public Offenders and Youthful Offenders in PlacementDownload File
DJJ 616 Youthful Offenders SentencedDownload File
DJJ 615 JISTDownload File
DJJ 610.1 Out of State and Out of Country TravelDownload File
DJJ 622 Community Mental Health OperationsDownload File
DJJ 600 Policy DefinitionsDownload File
DJJ 600 A Table of ContentsDownload File
DJJ 617 Incident ReportsDownload File
DJJ 613 Supervised Placement RevocationDownload File