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Policy Manual

700-900 Series


700 Series
DJJ 720.1 LibraryDownload File
DJJ 720.2 RecreationDownload File
DJJ 720.5 Social ServicesDownload File
DJJ 720.3 Religious ProgramsDownload File
DJJ 720.4 Youth Work DetailsDownload File
DJJ 720 Programs and ServicesDownload File
DJJ 725 Educational Programming and AssessmentDownload File
DJJ 720.6 Family and Community ContactDownload File
DJJ 725.1 Instructional StaffingDownload File
DJJ 725.2 Education RecordsDownload File

800 Series
DJJ 806 Priv Prov App Appr Renew ProcDownload File
Tracking IIDownload File
DJJ 800 DefinitionsDownload File
DJJ 801 Tx Prog for Delcared JSOsDownload File
ERASOR 2.0Download File
JSOAP IIDownload File
Tracking 1Download File
DJJ 803 Polygraph ExaminationsDownload File
SOP Man for the Tx of Dec JSOsDownload File
800 Series Juvenile Sexual Offender Treatment Program Table of ContentsDownload File

900 Series
DJJ 900 DefinitionsDownload File
Chapter 9 Table of ContentsDownload File
DJJ 901 Zero Tolerance of Any Type of Sexual MisconductDownload File
DJJ 911 DJJ Staff PREA Education and TrainingDownload File
DJJ 912 Sex Orientation and Gender IdentityDownload File
DJJ 908 DJJ Response to a Rep of a PREA ViolationDownload File
DJJ 910 Facility Security ManagementDownload File
DJJ 905 Juvenile Vulnerability Assessment ProcedureDownload File
DJJ 907 Resident PREA EducationDownload File
DJJ 906 Reporting and Investigating PREA ViolationsDownload File